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Barbie Melvin has freelanced as a makeup artist for some of the most prominent beauty brands in the southeast. By building up a diverse clientele, Barbie has become one of the most sought-after makeup artists in Charleston, South Carolina. Barbie's demand grew so much that she decided that it was time to take her career to another level and continue her education. Barbie enrolled in cosmetology school and obtained her license as an esthetician. Investing in a beauty school was one of the best decisions for her brand, Pink Mansion Beauty. Continuing to break barriers, Barbie decided that she was ready to venture into selling her own line of cosmetics.  Aside from all of her success with Pink Mansion Beauty, Barbie's career continues to flourish. Barbie has been able to use her platform to uplift young girls and women. She has molded her business into doing exactly what she loves, by making people feel beautiful. Barbie is a firm believer in when you look good, you feel good. Teaching others this motto has changed her life tremendously.

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